We're a couple of passionate souls dedicated to changing the stigma of breasts & breastfeeding through design, education & photography.


The beautiful journey of Motherhood led us to where we are today.


It's 2020, people! 

We all now know, how important nutrition is for our health... right?

So easy question coming your way - What should be the very first thing you put into your intestinal tract or that God forsaken mini temple we call a newborn? 

An even easier answer: breastmilk.


If you didn't know the answer, that's totally okay too! Our goal is to educate families, Mothers, Fathers, health-care professionals, relatives and friends, about the importance of breastfeeding. We want the future generations to have the best possible chance for optimal health.

  Breastmilk is amazing. We have plenty of studies to back that up.

Check our blog posts and social media pages for more educational information!

Breastmilk, is also natural. 

Due to previous and current societal marketing, women have become ill-informed about our own bodies and how magical and powerful they truly are. 

We are here to change how society thinks and views women and their bodies.

What's our catch?

Every t-shirt we sell, we give 10% of the proceeds to a non-profit organization that supports mothers and/or breastfeeding. 

A new organization is hand picked every year by us, and nominated, by you.

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