Customer Care

Here is where we take an opportunity to thank you! Yes, you, for choosing KUSABF. We are extremely passionate about breastfeeding, mothers and newborns as well as being creative and artsy. None of this, would be possible without you. That being said, every time we gain an additional 500 followers on Instagram, we give away one #Foodsource crop top tee! So, again, thank you, fam!

If you need to contact our store with queries and collaborations. Email is the best way! 


Privacy & Safety

If you would like us to share your pictures in your KUSABF shirt, please tag us! We will only use it for KUSABF purposes.





By adding one of the above hashtags or handle, you give us the opportunity to use your picture(s) for marketing and business purposes. 


Wholesale Inquiries

Please reach out to us via email about wholesale inquiries. We will work with you about creating a customized business plan that works best for both parties.


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

online business. ships from ID 

Tel: 360.488.3048

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